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Work to your Strengths

Time to be Brave


One of the ways in which Scottish/British companies are often compared to US companies is confidence.  U.S. startups are seen as confident, they believe in the power of their ideas, that it will find a way through and that it will be a success and what’s more they will tell you all about it.

This is something that we should be more willing to project.

In Scotland we are always tempted to hide our light under the proverbial bushel.  We don’t always show our confidence (even if we have it) for fear that someone will think us pushy, showy or just a bit of a nuisance. We are too hung up on what our peers think.  We are worried how they will judge us, if they will say something about us, if the won’t like us.

We also have a tendency to down play our success.  We believe that it’s nothing or that every one can do the same thing or achieve what we are achieving. We don’t want to be seen as gloating.

We really should be more proud of our achievements and our products and feel that it is ok to be that way.

If you have had an idea and are trying to make it into a business, be proud of that fact, be proud that you are trying to do something that many people are just that bit too scared to do.  You have worked hard and are continuing to try and build a business, be proud of it and what’s more embrace it.

Many companies are started because the owner sees a niche in an area that they have worked in for years. If this is the case for your company let your customers know that you have that knowledge.  That knowledge makes you special.

You should always state your achievements. Whether this be on your website, in print media, in your sales pitch or any other way you communicate. Let your customers know what you do and why you do it better. If your product is the only one like it, if your product does something better than your competitors say it.  Let the customer know why your product is great.

It’s ok to be enthusiastic.  Just remember it’s still ok to listen to advice as well. First impressions do count and you want your customer or your potential investors to be engaged with your business, your product and also with you.

Sometime you want that bit of a wow factor, you want your confidence your knowledge and your expertise to knock their socks off.

So go on be brave and show everyone what it is that makes your business special!

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