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Optimal Social Media Posting Times

Posting at the right time will increase visibility

Posting at the right time will increase visibility

Social media may be 24/7, but the reach of your post will depend massively on what time you post it. So when is the best time for you to be tweeting, facebooking and the like? Well, it will vary from business to business, of course, and a bit of trial and error is needed. But read on and we’ve got info to get you a good rough idea to get started.

Best Days of the Week to Post

With Facebook’s new “Story Bumping” algorithm, the time of your posts now matter less than it used to in terms of whether or not it gets a spot on your fans’ news feed. Posting at the optimal time, or at least the optimal day, can still prove a huge advantage. Most research points to the fact that engagement rates with posts are highest towards the end of the week on Thursdays and Fridays, with Thursday being the best day. (So you may want to share your company’s weekly blog update as a Thursday thing). Weekends also tend to have high engagement, particularly with video — a fact which makes sense considering fans will have more time to watch videos on the weekend.

When looking at Twitter, Mondays to Thursdays consistently bring about a high number of retweets with Sunday also up there with research by Dan Zarrella showing that tweets on Sundays have the largest effect on the Click-Through Rate.

LinkedIn has been shown to be most used Tuesday to Thursday, with updates on a Friday afternoon the least engaging.

Best Times of the Day to Post

Once you know what day you want to focus on with your social media sharing, it’s important to know which times of the day can return the best results.
1pm to 4pm is a good time to post on Facebook, according to Being Your Brand, with posts between 8pm and 8am not proving so successful. And if looking for the optimal posting time of the whole week, a 3pm Wednesday afternoon post can be particularly effective.

On Twitter, posts after 11am are much more likely to be seen. Click-Through Rates to articles, however, are at their highest at commuting times. That makes tweeting links at 8am to 9am and between 5pm and 7pm a very worthwhile idea. And with many commuters using twitter on their smartphone (an estimated 75% of tweeters access the network via mobile), it’s important to remember that most smartphone twitter apps load tweets from around 40 minutes before. So a tweet to a link at 7.30am would be the first thing the 8.10 commuter sees when they log on after sitting down on the bus, train or underground.

Posting during working hours is a big “no no” when it comes to LinkedIn. Posts outside of business hours are the way to go, therefore, if looking to get the best engagement. As with twitter, links to articles just before 5pm may be an idea worth trying in order to target the commuter audience looking for an interesting read on the way home.

Tools for posting at odd times

No small business can be available all day long to post on social media. That makes use of the various social media tool that are available almost essential. Facebook has its scheduling feature for pages to use which lets you plan ahead a little and programme upcoming posts if you know you won’t be free to manually do it at the time you want to see your post go live. More info on the scheduling feature can be found on this facebook help page.

With Twitter, there is no way to schedule tweets within the network itself, but a whole host of tools will let you do so. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are just two of the most popular options out there.

And with LinkedIn, Buffer  is one way to plan your updates ahead of time.

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photo credit: Jason A. Howie