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5 Amazing Facts About B2B Telemarketing

How does this data reflect your telemarketing experiences?

How does this data reflect your telemarketing experiences?

Here at Total Sales Solutions we make no secret of the fact that we believe we’re the best B2B telemarketing company in Scotland. Our clients agree (as can be seen on our testimonials page) and need little convincing, but what we do occasionally need to do is convince business owners of the value of B2B telemarketing.

That’s why we’ve put together these 5 amazing facts about B2B telemarketing that should leave business owners in no doubt about its worthiness as a marketing tool.


1. Telesales calls at work are the least annoying form of advertising

In a poll of business managers, B2B telesales calls at work were voted as the least annoying form of advertising. Only 4% said it was the most annoying form, while the eight other options were all voted more annoying.


2. Bad data can reduce effectiveness by 30%     

It has been found that bad data when setting up a telemarketing campaign can cause the campaign to be less effective – up to 30% less effective. By targeting the wrong kinds of people and the wrong kinds of industries, the likelihood of success is significantly reduced. At Total Sales Solutions, we’ve responded to this by ensuring we gather the best data for each individual client and we never use the same data set twice – it’s always better to adapt the data to the campaign.


3. It takes 80 calls on average to get an opportunity

Different industries and types of products will vary in terms of the number of calls needed to get an opportunity. On average, however, it has been found that it takes an average of 80 calls to get an opportunity, with IT services requiring more calls to get an opportunity and online payment services being the product that requires the fewest number of calls. Businesses, therefore, need to make sure they have the time to make the 80 calls if they are going to keep their telemarketing in-house.


4. The human interaction of telemarketing increases sales

68% of B2B sales were found to involve some form of human interaction such as telemarketing. Customers have been found to respond to better to the human touch than to some other form such as digital marketing.


5. 80% of leads aren’t followed up by in-house telemarketing teams

When companies keep their telesales strategies in-house it’s been found that 80% of leads are not followed up. Having done all that hard work, it can be very inefficient to abandon a potential sale halfway through the sales process. That’s why outsourcing sales can be beneficial as an outsourced B2B telemarketing team will be better at identifying leads and then at following those leads up.

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