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5 Mistakes To Avoid In A B2B Telemarketing Call


Telemarketing is a successful tool in the B2B world, if used correctly that is. There are many things that you should avoid doing or saying during a sales call and we make sure not to say them in our B2B telemarketing service. Today we look at a few of those things to avoid saying, namely 5 things that you don’t want to mix up or get wrong.

Doing so could spell disaster for your telemarketing call.


1. Mistaking your prospect’s name

Don’t get your prospects name wrong when you call the business. This is an important tip, but it’s one that is often forgotten. Whether you do a lot of research before a call or none at all, make sure you know what the company’s name is, how to pronounce it and any other variations of it.

Although you’ll be on the other end of a telephone, prospects can still feel you turning red-faced if it comes out that you didn’t really know their company name.


2. Mistaking a prospect’s location

Location, location, location.

It’s so important in a telemarketing call to know where the company you are calling is. Firstly, a UK telemarketing call should certainly not be calling anything other than UK business, but location within the UK is important too.

Imagine the embarrassment if our telemarketing service in Glasgow called a prospect in Southampton and arranged an appointment. That’s a long way to travel and such a long-distance appointment surely wouldn’t have been offered if the location was known. Luckily, here at Total Sales Solutions we check where we’re calling before we pick up the phone.


3. Mistaking your prices

Getting your prices wrong on a sales call is a disaster. If you’ve been quoted saying one price, only to later give a higher price then you can forget making a sale. That’s why it’s vital to know your product and services and their prices inside-out.

Similarly, you could undersell yourself if you quote too high a price when in reality the price is much lower, again potentially ruining a sale.


4. Mistaking the time in which you can deliver a service

The chances are that the people making a company’s sales calls are not the same people working on the manufacturing side of the business or in the supplying of the services. It’s important therefore from a managerial point of view that these two sides of the business are in constant communication.

A salesperson may expect a product to be delivered within a week, unaware that shipping times in that particular week have gone up. By knowing exactly what product and service you’re selling and the latest situation with them you can avoid disappointing callers.


5. Mistaking the decision maker

The decision maker is the key to making any B2B sale. When calling up, therefore, it is important to know which department and which individual you ultimately want to get in touch with.

By calling up and asking for the wrong person your chance of a sale could fall through. Do a little research therefore to make sure you know who is currently in the role that you want to interact with. LinkedIn’s search mechanism is a great tool for this.

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