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5 Things The Black Friday Chaos Can Teach B2B Salespeople


The chaos of Black Friday last week was quickly videoed, uploaded to social media and criticised. Yet there is no doubting the power that the major reductions had in drawing people to stores across Glasgow, Scotland and beyond from midnight onwards and although Black Friday centres on the B2C world, B2B salespeople can certainly take some lessons from it as well.

That’s what we dedicate this blog post to investigating.


1. Expectations have to be consistently met

The Black Friday deals that we see each year seem to good to be true, yet they again and again turn out to be completely legitimate. For the deals announced beforehand to turn out to be lies would see consumers refusing to believe the following year’s Black Friday deals in a ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ type situation and ultimately boycotting stores.

The same logic can be applied to the business to business sales world, in that promises have to be kept or else clients will stop buying from you. If your business promises a discounted rate then that rate has to be met. Similarly, whatever your business promises to deliver for that given price, it must do so or else risk future prospects lacking the necessary trust to do business with you.


2. People follow the crowd

While many of Black Friday’s shoppers had planned to be there when the doors opened, other shoppers last week only joined in after seeing the queues and crowds outside shop doors.

Us human beings are a nosy and curious bunch and such a crowd outside any shop will spark interest and it is that interest which can ultimately attract further customers. With a B2B sales strategy, the same idea applies and the more people you can get talking about your business and publically following you the more passers-by you can get the attention of.


3. Be prepared to adapt to what people want

Why is it that shops change their opening times when it comes to having a sale? Well, because the customers demand it and if one store doesn’t another will. B2B businesses may not quite have opening times to set, but potential clients can just as easily want and demand help or a meeting at an unorthodox time. Obviously it’s impossible to meet these out-of-the-ordinary requests all the time, but any business which point-blank refuses to adapt slightly risks losing out on a lot of potential business.


4. Buzz is the buzzword

The buzz surrounding Black Friday in the week and month beforehand is responsible for the success or not of any particular shop’s Black Friday sales.

B2B businesses can just as easily create a buss around their product or service and there is no better place to do this than online. Social media is the perfect environment for creating a buzz around what you do. Simply find an exciting aspect to your business’s upcoming launch or sales drive and get the influencers in your field to take interest. Once they do, the clients will follow.


5. Be prepared for crazy people

Perhaps the most important lesson from the chaotic scenes that went viral on Black Friday is that people are crazy. The footage from shops around Scotland, the UK and beyond shows that some people will do anything to get their hands on that latest super-soaker water gun or on a 20 foot mirror that they don’t know how they’ll get home. But shops still continue to encourage them to visit because everybody’s custom is valuable.

B2B salespeople should keep this in mind as well for the next time a prospect is frustrating, unreliable or simply a bit mad. Stick with it to the end. The end result is worth it.

You can find out some more about Scotland’s top telemarketing service right here. Photo Credit: Tim Parkinson