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5 Ways You Can Make Sales On LinkedIn


We have all heard plenty about how social media can help with sales, but simply sending out some tweets or posting a nice Facebook picture from time to time won’t cut it, especially in the B2B world. B2B telemarketing may be the best way to make sales in this world, but LinkedIn has to be a close second in terms of the most successful ways to make sales to other businesses. In this blog post we’ll explain how.


1. The perfect intro template

After connecting to a new profile on LinkedIn, whether you added them or they added you, it is vital that you make contact with them to start a conversation. You never know what that conversation could lead to so it’s worth starting one with every potential client otherwise the connection is worthless (or almost, see point 4). Obviously nobody has the time to write a personal email every time they get a new connection, but by spending time on crafting the perfect LinkedIn email template to send out, one which can be personalised a little, then it is quick to get in touch with new connections and it can be effective too.


2. Show your expertise

By sharing expertise on your subject area, LinkedIn can be the perfect platform to show that you know exactly what your talking about. By discussing the events of the day and sharing links to quality insight you can prove to all potential clients that you know your stuff and this trust is priceless.


3. By seeing what your competition is doing

LinkedIn is also very useful for seeing what similar businesses to yours are up to and is a great way to “spy” on your competition. You can see what they are talking about and with who and this can be a great way of showing you what your business might be missing out in its proposition and so you can update and thus improve your chances at future sales.


4. It can introduce you to people you’d never have met otherwise

There are a lot of people who think that it’s weird to add strangers to your LinkedIn profile, but in this social platform it really isn’t. The more people you add the better for several reasons. Even if you add someone who is never going to be a future client and who you never talk to on LinkedIn, it can be beneficial as when you add a stranger to your LinkedIn it you must have a 2nd or 3rd connection in common to do so and you never know when that connection you never talk to on LinkedIn could be the mutual connection that allows you to connect to a future client.


5. It solves the issue of not having someone’s email

Imagine there is a prospect who you really want to talk to about what your business could offer them, but you don’t have their email address or phone number. Simply type their name into LinkedIn and you have the opportunity to message and connect with them and introduce yourself. If you think of LinkedIn like a big business people directory then you can see how valuable it can be.
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