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5 Ways To Be More Efficient With Email & Increase Sales


Sales are the cornerstone of any business and the best way to make sales comes face-to-face, not through email. However, email can be very useful for making sales and with these 5 tips you can optimise the way you do email and thus improve your sales.


1. Schedule your email, don’t be scheduled by it

There is no reason why you should answer all emails as soon as they come in. We, as human beings, are most productive in the morning, so it would make most sense to use those productive hours to put your focus towards your work and sales leads, rather than answering emails – a task which requires less thought.


2. Have templates and make them impressive

After a month in any job, it is quickly evident exactly what kinds of emails you send day in, day out. That’s why it is definitely worth spending some time to craft the perfect template emails for all of the kinds of emails you send out and having them easily available. This will not only save time, but by crafting amazing emails you can also guarantee that every such email you send out will be top quality.


3. Get your social media profiles in your emails

Having prospects follow and like your business on social media is a great thing as you have extra mediums to keep your brand’s name in their minds. That’s why it’s worth adding your social icons to the bottom of your emails so that recipients are quite clearly prompted to follow your business and that it’s easy to do so. This could save you time in the long run if your prospects follow you on social media without too much prompting.


4. Create folders in your inbox and use them

Folders in an inbox can be great and massively productive, but only if consistently used. Using your folders to categorise emails won’t work if you use them only from time to time so it’s vital to use actually use these folders. Every single email that isn’t spam should go in a folder – your efficiency when looking for emails in the future will soar greatly.


5. Proof your email!

The most important thing when it comes to emails, sales and being efficient is to proofread your emails before you send them. There is nothing more self-destructive than errors in a sales email, especially if they alter the meaning. This will simply mean that you have to spend time explaining yourself or correcting yourself – unless the sale opportunity has already been lost by the time you realise.

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