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5 Phrases Decision-Makers Love To Hear


Getting through to decision-makers is vital and we could talk all day about how to get through to decision-makers and have done in the past! But once you’ve gotten through to one, how can you make the case for your company’s service or product in the most effective way possible? These 5 phrases that decision makers love to hear should help.


1. “Lower costs”

This one is no surprise as all decision-makers are keen for lower costs to their business and if your offering can help them achieve that then make it known to them clearly and don’t hide away from using such a phrase.


2. “Less risk”

One reason why decision-makers are often reluctant to buy a product or service is that there is usually risk involved. Even if the ROI is likely to be high, there is still a risk and many decision-makers prefer the least risky option. If your product or service is very un-risky therefore, then this is a big selling point which you should capitalise on.


3. “More secure”

Security is all the rage right now, with business owners worried about hacking, about protecting customer information and about defending against viruses the more dependent we become on technology. Any product which can count being secure amongst its properties is a winner and decision-makers will want to hear about it.


4. “Save you time”

Decision-makers are busy people – which is why it’s vital you make the most of your meeting with them. They are always looking for things which can save them time, making any product or service which promises exactly that something they’ll be interested in. Upsell the fact that you can save them time and you’ll be in their good books straight away.


5. “It’ll give you competitive advantage”

Anything which makes a company better off than its competitors is going to raise the interest of a company’s decision-makers. You’ll have to prove, though, that your product or service can indeed give an advantage over competitors. But if you have the stats to back it up, then a sale will be very very close.


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