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5 Things To Include On Your Website Description To Get More Sales


Websites are a great way to encourage potential new clients to begin a partnership with your business, but simply having a website won’t quite cut it. There are good websites and bad ones. Here, we outline 5 things to include on your website’s description of your product or services to drive more sales.


1. Contact Info

Contact information sounds like such an obvious thing to include when describing your website, but so many websites simply don’t do so – or if they do it’s hard to find. Making your contact info as clear and easy to find as possible means that when somebody is interested in what you offer they can actually get in touch with you.


2. A Call To Action

Calls to action are vital if you want customers to do something about a product or service they might be interested in. There are undoubtedly many people who have liked what you offer and been interested enough to purchase from you, but they weren’t compelled enough to engage with you at that exact moment and any chance of sale was thus lost. It’s your job to compel people to get in touch with you and calls to action are vital in doing that.


3. The Price

It’s very frustrating for customers when the price is not obvious from your website description and this can put off a lot of people who may otherwise have purchased from you. If your service sounds good – and the next point will discuss how to do that – then it will also sound expensive. It might not necessarily be expensive though, meaning the lack of a clear pricing system on your website could deter customers with smaller budgets from enquiring as they may believe they simply cannot afford it when they in fact could.


4. Great Content

The content which describes your website has to be effective, readable, engaging, informative and detailed. It may sound like a mighty task to achieve all that with one piece of writing, but your description of your product or service is not something that can be thrashed out in half an hour. This content needs to be well researched and redrafted several times. It may even be worth getting a professional to assist you with it as this is the most important content on your whole website.


5. Testimonials

If your product or service is great and your past clients agree then let the world know!

Get your past clients to write a review of the work or product you gave them and use this to give credibility to your description of how great your offering is.

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