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5 Stats Which Show Where Salespeople Must Improve


Salespeople are human. Sometimes that simple fact is overlooked when setting sales goals, designing a sales strategy and expecting the rest to simply fall into place. No matter how much pressure salespeople are under, they are still only people and are bound to have some weaknesses.

A great bit of recent research found some data on what salepeople do well and what areas they need help with. So we sum up the data here with 5 stats that show sales managers where their salespeople need extra help in order to make more sales.


1. 67% of salespeople miss their quota

This is the main stat and shows that two thirds of salespeople aren’t meeting their individual targets. So if you find that the salespeople that you work with aren’t meeting the targets you set them, remember that they’re not alone – all salespeople struggle to meet targets sometimes. One main reason for that may be that targets are too ambitious.

Nevertheless, an ambitious target is not a bad thing and one way to ensure sales success is to split your sales calls between several people. That’s what we do here at Total Sales Solutions, where our B2B telemarketing team split our calls for each client so that each client can benefit from having a range of different salespeople with varying skills working for them.


2. 40% of salespeople don’t understand customer pain

One key to a successful sales call is identifying a customer’s pain points and being able to offer up good solutions. Without this skill it is incredibly difficult to address the customer’s real needs and concerns, yet the research finds that 40% of salespeople don’t have this skill. That’s why it’s worth finding one who does.


3. 40% of sales teams don’t have a sales playbook

This means that almost half of sales teams are going into sales meetings or calls without a clear strategy and this is never likely to generate long-term success. It’s worth spending time to work out your clear selling points and to then be able to have a few strategies up your sleeve which can be brought out at any moment in order to help a struggling sales call or to seal a successful one.


4. 48% of salespeople can’t get access to decision makers

Only 52% of salespeople said that they feel confident that they can get access to the key players within an organisation. This is vital since the decision makers are, of course, the ones who make the decisions and a sales call and pitch to the intern is never going to lead to anything. B2B sales calls have to go to the key players. At Total Sales Solutions we pride ourselves on consistently getting the chance to speak to the people who matter most in a sales call.


5. When sales contributes to strategy, revenue goes up 15%

The research also found that when sales becomes a central part of a company’s overall strategy process, revenue goes up 15%. Too often sales teams feel held back by other rules or objectives the company has in place. If these are seriously detrimental to the sales process then the case has to made to the company directors that changes could be necessary.

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