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5 Best Times To Get Sales Training For You Or Your Team


Sales training is a very important part of a salesperson’s career and without it, a salesperson will never be quite as effective. As technologies, techniques and even the law changes, it’s vital to keep up to date and freshly trained.

Here, then, are what we think are the 5 best times for a salesperson to get fresh training. And remember, Total Sales Solutions does sales training in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK so do get in touch if sales training is something you’re interested in.


1. On a Monday

Nobody is too excited about the start to the working week, so why not delay the rush to the phones for your salespeople and run weekly Monday morning training sessions instead? This will get the latest sales techniques at the front of your sales team’s minds as they begin the week and if you make your training fun, this can be an exciting session that your team actually looks forward to. (Well, at least a little bit…)


2. December

December is rarely a good month for salespeople given how much of a nightmare it is to get a hold of decision makers over Christmas week and New Year’s week. If you’re working over that time, therefore, don’t waste it on phones or trying to set up sales appointments. Instead run some training sessions since the opportunity cost of these is much less if you’re unlikely to make many sales in these quiet weeks anyway.


3. When you get a new product

If your company has just launched a new product or service, this could be the perfect time for a sales training top up. Although you or other salespeople might think that selling this new product or service will work the exact same way as previous ones, that might be a mistaken point of view. If there’s ever a chance that a new product or service could be sold in a slightly different way then it’s worth getting some fresh sales training to make sure you know the best way to sell it.


4. When a new member joins the team

It depends how large your sales team is and how regularly new members join, but for any moderately-sized sales team, when a new member joins the sales team this is a great opportunity for all of the salespeople to get some extra training. The new starter will likely be getting trained anyway, so why not be efficient and give that training out to the full team as a quick refresher for them.


5. When it’s free!

Obviously when sales training is free this could be a good time to do it. Remember, of course, that free sales training courses alone may not help as much since these courses aren’t as high quality. Free courses can add to skills learnt in other sales training courses, however, so why not set up a Google Alert for “free sales training courses” so that you find out when any are coming up.


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