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5 Ways To Defeat The Scepticism Of Potential Customers


Sometimes in a sales meeting or call, your prospect is sceptical from the beginning. That scepticism can be hard to budge, yet it doesn’t mean you should immediately give up. It can be defeated and in this blog post we show you 5 ways how.


1. Have the stats to back you up

If you can rhyme off some truly amazing stats to prove how your product or service could benefit your prospect then you can begin to convince them that what you’re trying to sell may actually have some worth after all. Be careful, however, not to overdo it on the stats. Too many stats can undermine the best ones.


2. Demonstrate

Stats are great, but even better would be showing your prospect what your product or service can do with a demonstration. Obviously this is harder over the phone, but there are so many amazing screen sharing technologies out there these days that an online demonstration could be possible. And if you’re meeting in person then even better as you can bring the product with you or even give a taster of what the service you run would be like.


3. Price

A fundamental cause of most scepticism is price. People generally believe that if something is genuinely good then it’ll be pricy and that if it isn’t pricy it’s because the product isn’t great. If you have convinced with points 1 and 2 that what you’re offering is the real deal then let the customer know if you have a great price too. Offering a bargain is a great way to convince an initially sceptic customer.


4. Listen to objections

One way to deal with a customer who is sceptical from the beginning is to ask them why they are so. If they struggle to find any concrete reasons for it then that helps you inch closer towards a sale and even if they do have some objections you’ll have the opportunity to answer and contest those.


5. Differentiate yourself from spammy competitors

One reason a prospect might be initially sceptical is because they may have heard from a competitor who also sells your product or service in the recent past. If that salesperson was over-salesy and difficult then that doesn’t bode well for you. That’s why you should try to prove that your company is different and that the sales pitch you’re about to give is not like the others’. Then you just have to deliver on that promise and a friendlier approach could hence work out for you.

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photo credit: Teunie van Hernen