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5 Ways A Blog Can Make You Sales


If you enjoy reading blogs like this one, then the chances are that you’ve blogged yourself at some point. But have you ever set up a blog for your business? Business blogging can be a very effective way to make sales and in this blog post we explain 5 reasons why.


1. It shows you’re an expert

By blogging about the issues of the day in your industry, your blog can make your business more sales. One reason for that is that it shows that you are an expert within your industry. Potential customers want to work with a company that is up-to-date and aware of the latest issues. It just makes sense!


2. It actually makes you an expert

While appearing like an expert in your industry is great, it’s even better if you genuinely are an expert in your industry and are this aware of the latest trends and issues your industry must tackle. Blogging is a great way to educate yourself on the latest industry news since you’ll be consistently surveying the relevant industry publications. That could lead you to find some nugget of wisdom one day which helps you work out the best thing for your business. And besides actually making you an expert that research then feeds into the first point: showing that to people.


3. It can get people to your website

While not every business relies on its website to make sales, almost all businesses make at least a few sales via their website. Getting more people to visit your website, therefore, is a goal worth achieving and by posting interesting content on your blogs, you can draw people onto your website. Even better is the fact that you’re likely to be attracting the exact kind of people who could potentially be customers.


4. It gives you something to talk about on social media

Social media is popular with most businesses these days, but finding interesting things to talk about on it is sometimes tricky. By having a blog you’ll have no shortage of articles to post which could pop up on somebody’s timeline at just the right time to make you a sale. While it’s worth posting about some other things as well as just your own blog posts, it’s still great to have an archive of pieces to share with your audience.


5. It can help introduce you to people

Your blog could be a perfect way to introduce yourself to particular prospects or industry experts. You may have some names in mind that you would love to have a conversation with in order to make a sale, but you just struggle to think of a conversation starter. Well, your blog can be that conversation starter! Simply think of a recent blog that is relevant to the person you want to talk to and send the blog post over to them. You never know where the conversation could lead to after that, perhaps even to a sale!

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photo credit: Key Foster