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5 Great Call To Action Examples To Get Closer To A Sale


Any time a potential customer is looking at your content or website or, basically, anything to do with you the aim for your business is ultimately to have that person get in touch with you or get closer to making a sale.

Calls to action are an essential part of all your business’ material if you are to stand any chance of encouraging individuals to move closer to making a sale in your absence. So we’ve 5 great call to action examples right here for you.


1. “Talk to us”

Rather than using boring an impersonal language in your call to action like “submit” or “email here”, by telling a prospect to talk to your business you are using personal and human language which is certainly much more engaging than most other calls to action.

The “us” part also conveys that there is a whole team ready and capable of answering any query. That is definitely something you want to convey and then you just have to deliver on it when the enquiries come in.


2. “I want to X”

If you have a page on your website which you ideally want to get your clients on to then installing a button on other web pages with a call to action and link to your target page is a good sales strategy. Putting text along the lines of “I want to find out more about Service X” or “I want to get a great deal on Product X” is an effective call to action because you are using the exact lines of thought that any customer likely to buy from you is going to be thinking.


3. “Let us organise your free trial”

Free trials are a great way to get your foot in the door in the sales process and if you offer a free trail then you really want a few calls to action on your website to promote this.

However, putting something like “Organise your free trial today” is not a great call to action since it suggests there is a fair bit of effort required for the individual to set up the trial. By making it clear that getting a free trial is as easy as possible and that your business will be the ones putting in the work and time to organise it, you’re a lot more likely to get enquires.


4. “Don’t miss out”

Many calls to action include the word “today” or “now”, obviously to try to create a sense of urgency and need to react to the call to action. That’s a worthy goal, but a better way to create a sense of urgency than putting out yet another call to action with the words “today” or “now” is to remind potential customers that acting now will ensure they avoid missing out.


5. “Email now and get a reply within 24 hours”

This is a great call to action which removes one of the most common concerns someone may have when searching for providers of a product or service: that it will take an age to receive a response.

By being up front with the fact that you can answer any questions within a day you can encourage more questions to come your way. But only put this promise out there if you can indeed deliver on it.

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