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5 Reasons Veteran Sales Staff Need More Sales Training Than Rookies


When a sales team hires a complete rookie in the sales game, the response is often to overload them with sales training. While any new start undoubtedly needs training, the sales rookies may not be the once in as much need of it.

Sales rookies tend to have a fresher outlook on how to make sales, are more likely to have studied sales or marketing more recently and often have valuable experience in technology. That’s why sales veterans are the salespeople that could be the ones in most need of professional sales training. Here are five reasons why…


1. To see what other businesses are doing

If a salesperson has been with your company for over five years, they probably have no idea what the sales tactics of other businesses are. That’s always dangerous since it’s beneficial to learn from rivals and salespeople who have been in the same office for several years are more likely to be unaware of what other sales teams in the same city are doing. Sales training can solve that.


2. To learn the latest tactics

Similarly, salespeople who have been in one place for a long time will be using the same tactics that were relevant when they took the job. Those tactics may have changed or evolved over time and a sales training course could be a good way to get an update.


3. To know the latest legal positions

If a member of a sales team has been in the same sales team for many years, are they really going to be up to date on the latest laws on things like cold calling? If they are up to date it is likely to be by chance and a sales training session can not only teach the latest ways to make sales, but also the latest laws that must be complied with.


4. To learn the benefits of technology

Sales rookies are often (though not always) younger people and younger people are often (though not always) more tuned in to the latest technologies. Sales is becoming more advanced than ever with the evolution of the Internet and there are more sales tools out there than ever before. Sales veterans may not be aware of these latest tools that can makes sales easier so sales training can introduce these new methods.


5. To avoid complacency

One reason sales veterans may be less likely to get sales training is because they probably won’t ask for it. It is easy to feel complacent in role you have been doing for many years, yet everybody can always learn something beneficial from sales training. By letting your more experienced members of your team know that they too will be expected to attend sales training can avoid that all-too-common complacency.

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