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5 Things The Telesales Training You Give Your Staff Probably Doesn’t Cover


Every sales department will focus on sales training at some point and most importantly will focus on telesales training. But sales training done in house may sometimes be lacking and may not cover everything it should.

Here we explain 5 things that most in house telesales training fails to address. Any of them ring a bell?


1. Just how difficult it is

Unsurprisingly, a lot of telesales training will avoid this unwelcome truth that telesales is hard. Trying to sell to somebody over the phone is certainly never easy, so it would be good to admit this upfront. By pretending it isn’t that difficult complacency can set in in a telesales team and that’s not great.


2. The importance of being different

In all likelihood, the telesales training given in house will present various different strategies for making sales – presenting a kind of telesales “playbook”.

Often, however, this can be detrimental since prospects have heard the same sales pitch a million times and it isn’t actually a good idea, therefore, to have all your staff saying the same things. The importance of standing out from the telesales crows is, therefore, very important but probably not covered in your telesales training session.


3. Case studies

Giving evidence of just how good the product or service you’re selling is will obviously help make a sale, but how often does sales training actually provide sales staff with past examples or case studies to use in their calls? Very rarely which is why giving staff proper examples with all the facts, figures and names is worthwhile.


4. To ask for referrals

We’ve rarely seen a sales training session (besides the professional sales training we offer here at Total Sales Solutions) that teaches sales staff to ask for a referral when they hit a dead end in a call. It’s fair enough that some calls will simply not be going anywhere, but why not ask the person that if the product isn’t right for them if they know a friend for whom it might be useful. Get those details and then dial them up and you’re already half way there to making a sale.


5. To have Google open in front of you

Google (or your search engine of choice!) is wonderful and it’s therefore worth having the Google home page open on your screen when making a call. Rather than having a screensaver staring back at you, having Google means that you can check any questions that come up as you go and appear even more expert than you already are.

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