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The 5 People In Your Business That Could Use Sales Training


Obviously sales training is going to be a massive priority for some members of a business’ staff, while it will be less so for others. Here we detail the five roles in your business that could most benefit from some sales training.


1. The CEO/Managing Director

While the head of the business is unlikely to be the one out making sales themselves, it is vital that they have a good understanding of the services and products you offer and how best to sell them. You never know who might also be in attendance at a particular event so it’s great if your business’ CEO or Managing Director can speak to potential clients without being completely clueless as to how to sell your services or products.


2. The Product Designers

Although the team designing your products or your services will not be the ones tasked with selling them, having the product team take some sales training can be useful for the whole business. If the guys making the products know how the sales team is going to try to sell them then some of that knowledge could feed into the design process and lead to more marketable product designs.


3. The Receptionist

Depending on the size of the business, there may or may not be a receptionist but if there is then they certainly need to be taught how to sell. The fact that they will be the first point of contact for most of your potential customers or clients makes it essential that they know how to talk about your business’s products and services in the correct engaging way.


4. The Marketers

Marketing folks often try to distance themselves from sales, preferring to do their work behind the scenes rather than face to face with potential new customers. It’s necessary, however, for the marketers to also have a grasp of what the sales team is faced with and how best they work so letting your marketers take some sales training can also help your business to make more sales.


5. The Sales Team

Well, this one is obvious. Your sales team obviously need sales training, but important to remember here is that the whole sales team could do with training. It’s little use simply training the newest members of that team. The whole sales team needs to consistently be improving the sales techniques.


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