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Empowering your business: why selling isn’t just for salespeople


When we think of selling, we think of salespeople. Salespeople often have years of experience in selling, and we often rely on them to be the voice and face of our businesses.

But things aren’t that simple in today’s climate. It is not only the salespeople in your business that need to know how to sell – selling must be a priority on every level of your business. In this blog, we’ll take a look at our misconceptions about the successful salesperson, and the truth about what it takes to sell.

In an article published to the Harvard Business Review, Steve W. Martin looks at the Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople – and his findings are surprising to say the least.

Contrary to the hyper-confident image we may have of salespeople, Martin found that 91% of the salespeople he interviewed had medium to high scores of modesty and humility. However, he did find that less than 5% of top performing salespeople had high levels of self-consciousness: therefore, we can see that it is important to train everyone in your business to overcome self-consciousness when it comes to selling.

If the sales of a business are struggling, what is the go-to solution? Hiring more sales staff to even out the workload? Training each of these new staff members to acquaint them with your product?

The key to empowering your business is to stop and look around at the staff you have already. Take a software company for example. Would it be possible to train your technical staff to sell effectively? Would it be possible to train your receptionists, who are usually the first point of contact between the customer and the business?

Why wouldn’t it be possible?

Most businesses already employ a wealth of potential salespeople without even noticing. Continuing with the example of a software company – there is nobody more acquainted with your product than the technical staff who design and develop it. It’s tempting to recruit new salespeople under the impression that this will be a quick, but expensive fix for the sales problems in your business. But why not work with what you have?

It has never been more important to make selling more accessible to staff who would never have considered themselves salespeople due to the stereotypes of born-with-it hyper-confidence we have explored above. But training your entire business in sales is the key to making your business not only more cohesive, but also more profitable. Empowering your business through sales training can make a good business great.

There’s a good chance that the traits outlined by Martin differ considerably from what you have come to expect from the typical salesperson – and that they ultimately prove how sales is not an exclusive field for a select few. Sales is not a case of ‘you either have it or you don’t.’ Of course, that’s not to say that sales is easy – but with the right training, anyone can begin to contribute positively to the sales of their business.


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