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Could a lack of focus affect your sales & profit?

Keeping focused is hard when you run a small business, particularly if you don’t have a big team or indeed any team.  The responsibility for keeping all the balls in the air, falls directly on your shoulders.  What to do? When to do it?  Especially when the ‘to do’ list seems never ending!

We all start in business for different reasons and with different goals,  but the one thing we all have in common is that we want customers and for that we need to sell.  Selling is not something that a lot of business owners are comfortable doing, yet it’s crucial for our business survival.

We all want customers to buy and keep buying from us, but the effort of finding new customers and ‘selling’ to them leaves many of us feeling uncomfortable and lets be honest if we don’t like doing something, we tend to avoid it! If you feel uncomfortable about selling, you won’t enjoy it and this will be obvious to your potential customers, if you are not confident in yourself then prospective customers won’t feel confident in you either and are less likely to buy from you!

So is it time to start changing your mindset about sales?  Cause we all know the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing in the same way but expecting a different result! Ask yourself this…

  • Do you want more customers?
  • Do you want it to be easy to buy from you?  
  • Do you want customers that value and appreciate your sales process and feel comfortable throughout this process?  

We have worked with numerous business owners that have joined our sales coaching programmes and discovered that great selling is making it easy for prospective customers to buy from you and keep wanting to buy from you. It’s about making a customer, not just a sale.

I’ve just read this article from FSB and it’s a good benchmark for business owners who want to grow sales,  it was a reminder to me about the importance of ‘focus’ and how important it is to review my sales process on a consistent basis, I’ve already identified one process that we can definitely improve on and so today I have set aside time to evaluate how we can improve and then make it happen.

No point in knowing I need to do it but then not doing anything about it, so note to self….focus, plan, then MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I hope you find the this blog as helpful as I did which is why I wanted to share it with you.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Marie Rodgers