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12.12.12: Isn’t This World Enough?

There are plenty of philosophies that believe you are reading this blog for a reason other than to learn more about sales and business development. These reasons might include karma, predestination, random chance, fate, a higher power, or many others. … Continue reading

The Arrogance of Reading Minds: You’ve got a phone, don’t you turn it on?

I have often heard salespeople debating which day of the week they should make certain phone calls, and their reasoning for not making some of those calls on certain days. There are a considerable number of these salespeople for instance, … Continue reading

St Andrew’s Day: Blow youth into these lungs old Scottish wind

Today, we celebrate St Andrews Day. The patron saint of our wee bit hill and glen. Unlike our Celtic neighbours in Ireland who are famous throughout the world for their own national holiday celebrations, few of us will go out … Continue reading

Roll Up Your Sleeves We’re Heading For Winter

It is that time of year again, when the clocks have been turned back, the leaves are on the ground and busses and subways across the country benefit from splashes of brightly coloured knitwear insulating suited commuters against the falling … Continue reading

Sales: A Revolution of Misconception

Robert Louis Stevenson once said ‘Everyone lives by selling something’. Which makes it strange then that many people consider ‘Sales’ to be a bad word in today’s society. Years of often forceful, hard selling by those looking to capitalise on … Continue reading

Effective Sales Training

Sales training is an essential part of the sales industry, but like much training, it is debatable as to the value it adds. Individual training sessions can vary from brilliant to numbingly boring. When sales training isn’t effective – What … Continue reading

Making your sales call count

  Sales can be a very challenging process, but when you are selling over the phone, you face a different set of challenges. Therefore as a salesperson you must be sure to make every call count. Below are a few … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Spark – Enabling Entrepreneurs

In 2011, Total Sales Solution began in a make shift office in the company’s founder, Marie Rodgers attic. With over 18 years experience in business sales and coaching, Marie founded Total Sales Solution with one goal in mind, to enable … Continue reading

Opening a call – The right introduction

Opening a call is not something that takes very long, but how you start often determines how you finish. It is essential for you to create an initial rapport with the client and to establish the customers’ permission to ask them … Continue reading

Using social media to improve sales

  Welcome to the Total Sales Solution Blog!  This post will be assessing the different ways in which social media can be used to improve sales. Social media gives businesses the ability to share news about their products or services … Continue reading

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