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Do you want your sales team to confidently close more sales?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then TSS can confidently predict that their range of classroom and bespoke training solutions will produce instant sales improvement, motivation and confidence to achieve the sales performance that you really want from your team.

Our industry leading training courses are exclusively designed to work on the strengths that currently exist in your company and identify the weaknesses which are stopping you from achieving the sales results you really want. Once identified our innovative and interactive training approach will instantly begin to improve not only your team’s results but also their confidence. With ongoing support once the training has finished we can monitor and continually improve on your sales performance.

Alongside this you can also benefit from up to 50% funding from Skills Development Scotland. Which means that choosing TSS training solutions are a flexible and cost-effective way of getting the skills and expertise required to get the results that your business needs.

Would it not make sense to take advantage of the best sales training available in the UK which guarantees that your sales team will be re-energised, motivated and producing more sales?

To take advantage of this invaluable opportunity or simply to find out more, phone or email TSS now and we will be happy to explain how we can guarantee sales success.

what our clients say

Marie’s delivery of the Sales course was impressive, she is obviously very experienced and her professional experience is clear. Marie engaged positively with all the delegates even when faced with resistance. Marie has successfully managed to change attitudes of individuals within a reactive sales team to believe they are capable of being  proactive and that they can enjoy this new experience by confronting their fears.  I look forward to continuing to work with Marie and her team to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.   Frances Wood – Online Electronics Ltd

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending TSS to any business looking to effectively and quickly improve sales performance.  After our bespoke sales training with Marie,  I have a team who can't wait to connect with customers thanks to her passion and enthusiasm Leah Hutcheon – Founder & Director at Appointedd

Our requirement was to take non-sales people and help then “sell” without them thinking they were being asked to turn into salespeople. Marie took on this remit with full understanding and facilitated the training and the dynamics of the people gathered for the training with great professionalism and effect. Murray Carne – Financial Director XPD8 Solutions

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  • IT
  • Software Companies
  • Telecomms
  • Web Designers
  • Digital Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Food Safety Companies
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Video Production
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Construction
  • Training Providers
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