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Marie is a brilliant sales guru with many years experience on the sales frontline and in sales training. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious and makes it fun to learn, at her Sales Training School.

She always has a creative, positive outlook and demonstrates a high degree of expertise. Her style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough and what you learn is immediately actionable.

If you have sales questions and want to have fun while learning, hire Marie, she’s the best!”

Stephanie Young – MD – Origin HR Solutions

the return on our investment with TSS has been a massive 1012%’

Truststream Security Solutions Ltd are experts in IT Security. We pride ourselves on offering a customised service that meets our client’s needs. 

As a small company we wanted to grow our client base and turnover but lacked the sales skills, resources and time to enable us to achieve this objective.  We decided that outsourcing our sales would be the best solution, leaving us time to do what we did best – IT security.

We contacted Total Sales Solutions to discuss their telemarketing service.  It was quickly evident that this was a company that understood our objectives and could deliver the sales performance we required.

The first step was a face to face meeting during which Marie from TSS carried out a sales strategy session which is the foundation of TSS sales success.  During this session Marie promised that she would identify a ‘competitive edge’ that would set us above our competition and enable us to quickly achieve sales growth.  She definitely delivered! 

Marie then went on to design, set up and implement an extremely successful telemarketing campaign.  Our account managers at TSS are a delight to work with and we receive weekly updates clearly showing their activity and results.

To date the return on our investment with TSS has been a massive 1012%,  outstanding results from a product that we weren’t offering before working with TSS.  The sales turnover that TSS has helped us produce  has allowed us to grow our company and expand our workforce.

TSS are a delight to work with and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is keen to grow their sales channel.


Bryan Thomson & Paul Sullivan – Partners

Marie has a unique ability to to get you to focus on what’s important in your business and then get a simple but effective sales strategy in place that really works!

If you are a business that wants to learn how to increase sales without being ‘salesy’ we would highly recommend  Total Sales Solutions

Gerry Murray – Marketing Director Murray Associates

Our requirement was to take non-sales people and help then “sell” without them thinking they were being asked to turn into salespeople. Marie took on this remit with full understanding and facilitated the training and the dynamics of the people gathered for the training with great professionalism and effect.

Murray Carne – Financial Director XPD8 Solutions

TSS came very highly recommended. Working with a company based in Glasgow to some seemed like an odd decision as our offices are in Central England, Leicester but if they were as good as we were being told they were there was no need for them to be local as the outcome of a telephone call doesn’t change no matter how far away someone is!

The telesales campaign has been so successful we have spoken to several key decision makers in large PLC groups, quotes have been sent out and we are very close to closing some great projects. In our last 10 years of trading we have never seen sales activity like this and have never had a pipeline of potential business like we have now.  I have more confidence in this one campaign than any other we have run before.

Rod Taylor – Intalect Ltd

Marie’s delivery of the Sales course was impressive, she is obviously very experienced and her professional experience is clear. Marie engaged positively with all the delegates even when faced with resistance. Marie has successfully managed to change attitudes of individuals within a reactive sales team to believe they are capable of being  proactive and that they can enjoy this new experience by confronting their fears.  I look forward to continuing to work with Marie and her team to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors.


Frances Wood – Online Electronics Ltd

TSS  took ownership of our project by immersing themselves in our business, and I was particularly impressed by how quickly our account manager grasped the complexities of our specialised business.

Our campaign has only been running a short while and already the results have exceeded our expectations. I would thoroughly recommend TSS and I look forward to continuing to work with Marie and her staff.

Alan Cameron-David Consulting Group

If there is one person that has thus far made a significant contribution to the success of Tasting Scotland, it is Marie at TSS. Employed to provide sales coaching earlier this year with a view to ensuring we were ready to hit our first major trade fair with absolute confidence, we have continuously benefited from her expert advice.

Marie took the time to understand our business, our vision, our customer needs and supported us in developing a finely tuned strategy. The result:  most definitely improved sales results.  Always a pleasure to work with and summing it up in 2 words: ‘priceless wisdom’.

Brenda Anderson – Tasting Scotland

Marie has provided me with invaluable assistance relative to how to identify customers, develop customer profiles, identify selling ‘gaps’ in the market and how to appropriately target potential customers.

Chris Louttit – Founder and CEO PAWSitively Natural

Marie has a great insight into what matters to other people’s businesses.

Gylan Boardman- Owner and Founder at Boardman Media

What a difference a day makes – just one training session with TSS transformed our attitude . . .  by the end we were brimming with confidence.

Alexis Viswanthan – Managing Director at Alphabet Babies

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending TSS to any business looking to effectively and quickly improve sales performance.  After our bespoke sales training with Marie,  I have a team who can’t wait to connect with customers thanks to her passion and enthusiasm

Leah Hutcheon – Founder & Director at Appointedd

Although we work in a very specialised engineering market, they identified our needs within a few phone calls and made informed and professional calls to potential customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending them regardless of your area of expertise

Jean Laughlin – Managing Director , Linnet Technology

Total Sales Solutions did a fantastic job for us leading to a long term telemarketing campaign… results are better than we expected! Would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Angela Young – Director, 123 Accountancy Ltd

Does what it says on the tin… Total Sales Solutions. We came to Marie when we were having problems with our sales strategy. She was able to help us build customer profiles and understand how our customers buy. Invaluable insights which we will not only use repeatedly but will pay for themselves in no time.

Owen Coyle – Manager at Green DealUnion

We hired Marie to train a group of telesales employees who were embarking on a high level sales campaign.

From first contact Marie was highly professional and very thorough. She researched the product, the campaign, the staffs strengths and weaknesses, all prior to training.

During the training Marie was confident and assured and very creative in the training process. This was no death by power point training course. She actively engaged employees in how they would sell, showed them how to use their voices to display confidence, gave them tips and tricks on how to work with scripts without sounding rehearsed.

After the training staff were confident, enthused and raring to go, she also arranged mentoring and follow up sessions to ensure a total end to end service.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Marie to any company looking to improve their staffs training skills.

Margaret Totten – Marketing and Social Media Collaboration

I’ve met many sales people in my time, but never one as switched on, focused and driven as Marie. Her dynamic personality and willingness to share are wonderful attributes that amplify her strong skill-set as a sales person and a trainer.

Craig Coulton – Smith – Director at Bonza Marketing & Branding

If you are struggling to sell your product or service then Marie is the person to call.

Lucy-Rose Walker – Chief Solutions Officer at Entrepreneurial Spark